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Terms of Services



1. Parties and Subject

Bir CM E-TİCARET TİCARET VE SANAYI Limited Şirketi (“Bir cm”) is a platform that sells retail products of Bir cm to its customers (“User”) via its couriers (“Courier”) and ensures the delivery of these products/services to Users. Bir cm and the User will be collectively referred to as the "Parties". With this User Agreement (“Agreement”), the User agrees to benefit from the products/services offered by Bir cm and to pay the agreed price of the Parties. In addition, the User has accepted the terms and conditions written in the Agreement.

2. Membership to Bir

The user can become a member of Bir cm's system via the Bir cm mobile application by filling out the registration form or by membership in social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like).


3. Services offered by Bir cm

Bir cm provides the User with the service of providing retail products and other related services to the User through the application it has developed for mobile phones.

4. Bir cm User Account

The user has a phone number, e-mail address and password to be determined by himself. A single account can be opened and used with a single e-mail address. The user must enter his registered e-mail address and password in order to connect to the Bir cm system. The password is only within the knowledge of the User and all responsibility that may arise from the sharing of this password with others or the capture of this password by others due to User error belongs to the User. If the User forgets his password, Bir cm will send a link to the User's e-mail address registered in the Bir cm system, upon the request of the User, to create a new password. By aggregating and anonymizing the data obtained due to the User's use of the Bir cm system, Bir cm can create various reports, take commercial decisions based on these reports, and share these reports with its business partners in a manner completely determined by Bir cm. The user agrees that he will not claim any right or compensation against Bir cm due to the said transactions.

5. Obligations of the User

The user declares that all the information he has provided to Bir cm is correct, up-to-date and complete; He/she accepts that he/she is responsible for all kinds of damages that may arise due to incorrect or incomplete information (such as wrong address, telephone number) and that he/she knows that his membership to the Bir CM System may expire in such cases. All responsibility for the transactions made through the User's account belongs to the User. The User shall not reproduce, distribute or use the software and works used by Bir cm in accordance with the provisions of copyright law, and shall not assist third parties in performing these operations. It is possible that some services provided by a cm include content belonging to those over the age of 18. Bir cm has no responsibility for the illegal display of this content. The user shall not access Bir cm account other than as specified in Bir cm's mobile application, and shall not use malicious software on behalf of illegal access. In cases where the user does not comply with these rules, he accepts, declares and undertakes to cover all material and moral damages that may be incurred by a cm or third parties. In accordance with the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Sale and Presentation of Tobacco Products and Alcoholic Beverages and the relevant legislation, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are not sold over one cm. The user cannot supply tobacco products and alcoholic beverages through Bir cm and cannot make a request in this regard. The user's violation of this provision may cause the account to be suspended and closed. In case of unauthorized access to the User's account for reasons not caused by Bir cm, Bir cm has no responsibility. One cm is not responsible for any damages that may occur due to the unauthorized use, sharing or publication of user posts by third parties. The user cannot use the Bir cm system for commercial purposes, contrary to the legislation valid in the Republic of Turkey, for political purposes or against public order and general morality, violating the rights of other users, intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties. The user accepts that he is responsible for all damages that may occur in case of use contrary to the said rule. In addition, in such a case, Bircm will be able to take measures such as limiting or closing the account related to the User's account in order to eliminate the said illegalities. The user cannot use Bir cm services for commercial purposes or as advertisements without obtaining permission from Bir cm. Except for the case of making online payment in advance, the user has to pay the fee that was previously notified to him during the delivery of the order, with the payment tool he chooses. on the contrary